Sunday, March 11, 2012

What me should I entertain?  What me should I develop?
Currently I find myself all dressed up for church and I actually look pretty good. But having such a hard time making myself go.

Sometimes so much of it feels like superstition.  Sometimes I seem to have an overactive imagination and lately I am feeling the need to break free of superstitions.

I'm not so sure that reflecting on the unknowns of supernatural settings is a good thing for me.  I find myself trying to attach meaning to everything but logically trying to remember that is probably not accurate.  So I decide it might be a good plot for a story and that maybe I should develop that idea.  But somehow in the developing of the plot for what is sure to make a good novel or movie, or something, I find myself trying to attach meaning and symbolism that again connects me to some supernatural, spiritual, transcendental, or psychic phenomenon.

aaahhh... sigh

And here I am all dressed up not wanting to go.

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